Useful links

In this page I list websites and tools I have used to make this blog. So it may be said that this is my links and acknowledgements page...

Xilinx - FPGA manufacturer. The examples on this blog were done with the Vivado Design Suite

Hilite me - With this tool I convert VHDL examples, and Matlab code, to neat HTML code

Notepad++ - An excellent text editor which I use (along with Vivado built-in editor) to write the code examples on this blog

Matlab - An incredible set of tools, and one you will have to learn if you are serious on your FPGA career. Used for verification, simulation and co-design with VHDL (and other HDL design languages).

W3Schools - My online resource for HTML - A nice feature they have is an HTML simulator to try your code before embedding it in your site

ToonDoo - Very nice online comics editor - Used for the "FPGA'er" strip


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